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Mt. Vernon Center is launching a new appointment confirmation process. Learn about confirming your Mt. Vernon Center appointments here.

Forms, information, and help with questions about our policies are here.

For questions between your appointments, call: 410-837-2050

  • Appointments - x4300
  • Medical Reception - x4308
  • Referrals - x8814
  • Refill Requests - x6001
  • Pharmacy - 410-234-0327

Or visit your patient portal:

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Photo Identification

Without a photo ID, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. Acceptable photo IDs can include:

  • Driver's License
  • Work, State, or School-issued identification
  • Passport
  • Credit card with photo
  • Note: Expired identification is acceptable.

Proof of Insurance

We accept most insurance plans, Medicare, and Medicaid.

For individuals without insurance, ask about our sliding fee scale before your next appointment. For more about our sliding fee scale, please review our FAQ in English or Espanol. The Verification of No Income form is available in English and Espanol.

Did you know that Chase Brexton now allows you to check in online, ahead of time? Confirm your appointment and check in when you arrive - all on your phone!

If you aren't registered for Phreesia, ask us about using mobile registration to make your next visit simpler and faster.

We're partnering with Phreesia to help you save time registering for your appointment. Use mobile check-in to register from any smartphone, tablet or computer from the privacy of your own home. Checking in on your device saves you time and ensures your information is always up to date!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Phreesia?

A: Phreesia gives healthcare organizations a suite of applications to manage the patient intake process, including mobile registration. Mobile check-in allows you to complete pre-visit registration from your own device (any smartphone, computer or tablet) ahead of time and in the privacy of your home.

Q: Why is Chase Brexton partnering with Phreesia?

A: Chase Brexton is partnering with Phreesia to save you time when arriving at our practice and to ensure that your health records will always be up-to-date. The information you enter is private and secure and will allow our team to better care for you.

Q: Is the Phreesia system secure?

A: Yes. Phreesia provides industry-leading privacy and security for our patients’ data. They are held to the same standards as Chase Brexton related to protecting your family’s information. For additional information about Phreesia’s security visit

Q: Do we need to use the new system for every appointment?

A: Yes. But once you have completed the initial registration, the next time will be much quicker because Phreesia saves your answers.

Q: Do I need to download an app to do mobile check-in?

A: No. There is no app - you simply click the link provided in the text message or email. This allows you to securely answer any registration and medical questions necessary for your appointment.

Q: Can I complete the forms in a language other than English?

A: Yes! Mobile registration is available in 20 different languages, and the PhreesiaPads in the office offer Spanish in addition to English.

Q: What happens if I can’t finish my registration before the appointment?

A: That’s okay! If you have not completed your registration before the visit, see one of our receptionists, and they will be happy to send you a new link. Don’t worry, Phreesia saves information you entered previously.

Q: What if I have questions or feedback?

A: You can talk with any of our receptionists in the clinic, reach out through the Contact Us page on Chase Brexton, or send a secure message through the Patient Portal.

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Making, confirming, and keeping appointments is important. It allows us to make sure we have time for every patient. It also allows us to stay on time for all of our patients.

Prior to your appointment, you will receive a call, text, and a reminder via the Patient Portal to confirm your appointment. 

Please confirm with us at least one day before your appointment: 410-837-2050

Confirming with us will give you priority. Patients who confirm, will be seen first.

What happens if you don't confirm? We cannot guarantee you will be seen on time. You will still be seen. But you may have a brief wait and may have to see a different provider during the visit.

What happens if you're late? We will do our best to see patients who are late to their appointments. You may have a brie wait and may be seen by another provider for that visit. Or, we may have to reschedule your appointment for another day.

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We accept most major insurances, Medicaid, Medicare, and offer a sliding fee scale for those with or without insurance. Learn more about our sliding fee scale here.

Uninsured or underinsured? Let us know. We will help you find resources and assist with insurance and fee-scale applications. Ask for a Social Worker or call our Social Work and Outreach Department for more information: 410-837-2050 x8806 or 443-573-5000.

If you have questions about our sliding fee scale, please review our FAQ in English or Espanol. The Verification of No Income form is available in English and Espanol.

Have insurance? Verify with your plan to be sure that Chase Brexton is in-network.

When do we collect co-pays?  Chase Brexton collects co-pays and fee-scale payments at the time of your visit.  If you are on a fee-scale, Chase Brexton will collect a small charge amount for all services at the time of your visit. 

What will we bill you for? If your insurance company doesn't cover all of the costs from your visit, we will send you a bill. This bill may be for things such as additional co-pays, deductibles, or for services not covered by your insurance. Please contact your insurance company directly if you have questions about costs they will not cover. 

What do you do if you lose your insurance coverage? Please contact us! Do not skip your appointments. We will work with you: 443-573-5000.

Questions about your bill? Please call Chase Brexton’s billing team at 1-877-476-8370.

Ready to pay your bill? Log on to our Patient Portal here, or call 410-837-2050 to set up your Patient Portal account. - Your Patient Portal! Communicate with your Chase Brexton provider, make a fast, secure bill payment, request a prescription refill, view your lab results, and much more. 

Notice of Privacy Practices

Patient Bill of Rights

For more information, forms, and documents, click here.

Everyone should know their health care rights and privacy laws. Here is a summary of how your health information is used.

You may know about the federal law called HIPAA*. It can be hard to understand. Let us make it simpler. HIPAA gives you power and protections over your health information. You have rights to:

GET COPIES OF IT You may see or ask for copies of your health information and medical record. If you want a printed copy, you may have to put your request in writing. You may also have to pay for the cost of copying and mailing. In most cases, your copies must be given to you within 30 days.

MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT  You can ask to add or change any missing, incomplete, or wrong information in your file. If your provider agrees, they will update your file. If your provider disagrees, they will add what you say is correct as a note in your file. In most cases, your file should be updated within 60 days.

KNOW WHO HAS ACCESS TO IT You can find out how your health information is being used:

  • Learn how your health information is used and shared by your doctor or health insurer. Your health information may be shared for your treatment and care. A list of how your health information will be used should be given to you on your first visit to a new provider or when you sign up for new health insurance. You can always ask for that list again. Download the full Patient Bill of Rights here and the Notice of Privacy Practices here
  • Let your providers or health insurance companies know if there is information you do not want to share.  You can ask that your health information not be shared with certain people, groups, or companies. The provider or health insurance may decline your request if it will hurt your treatment or care.
  • Ask to be reached somewhere other than home. You can ask to be contacted at different places or in a different way. For example, you can ask to have a nurse call you at your office instead of your home or to send you mail in an envelope instead of on a postcard.

If you think your rights are being denied or your health information is not being protected, you have the right to file a complaint with your provider, health insurer, or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. To learn more, visit


*Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)