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Denard's Story: The Diabetes Management Program

Published: 12/15/2023

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(12/15/23) Glen Burnie patient, Denard F. shares about his experience in the Diabetes Management Program. 

How did you hear about Chase Brexton? 

I think my wife was coming here. 

When did you first come to Chase Brexton for care? 

5 years ago maybe. 

How did you get started with the Diabetes Program? 

I was coming to see my Doctor. I was prediabetic, and that went away, then I got diabetic and I met Dr. Sara (Munie) and she just helped me out a lot. 

Has it been helpful to you? 

Yes, very. 

What do you like about the program? 

Everything, I got my A1C, all that stuff down, I lost some weight and all that, everything's good about it. 

Would you recommend the program to other people? 


Anything else? 

No, it's just been good. At the beginning I thought it was going to be hard cutting out a lot of my favorite foods and snacks, but it's a good nice journey. I stuck with it and Dr. Sara, she made it kind of easy, she was real good. They gave me a lot of packages and notes and all that stuff, it helped out a lot. Showed me a lot of foods, what to eat, what not to eat. I got family so I was thinking about them too. I got 3 kids so I had to get healthy for them.