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Julius' Story: The Diabetes Management Program

Published: 12/15/2023

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(12/15/23) Mount Vernon patient, Julius S. shares about his experience in the Diabetes Management Program. 

How did you hear about Chase Brexton? 

Let me see... well, when I moved with my daughter, I used to be going to another doctor and it became inconvenient, so I got transferred here. 

When did you first start coming here? 

I think I've been coming here maybe 8 or 9 years, about 2014, something like that. 

How did you get started with the Diabetes Program? 

My Diabetes Doctor here, she suggested and asked me if I would like to participate and I said, "yes!". 

Has it been helpful to you? 


What do you like about it? 

You learn more, it keeps you constant on your illness, you know what I'm saying. Trying to eat right and do the right thing. 

Would you recommend the program to other people? 

Yes, I would. 

Anything else? 

I'm doing fairly well, you know. Sometimes I do cheat now, I'm not gonna lie. I like to have a piece of cake or ice cream every now and then. But I don't do it a lot. you know, at a certain age, you have to do some of the thing you like sometimes.