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Washington Blade: Chase Brexton Responds to Coronavirus

Published: 03/17/2020

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From The Washington Blade, Tuesday, March 17, 2020:

Chase Brexton Health Care, a primary care provider in Maryland with a focus on serving the LGBTQ community, on Sunday announced in an alert on its website that it will be making changes to schedules and procedures in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Chase Brexton experts advise individuals to protect themselves and those around them during this outbreak by practicing preventative measures, such as social distancing and hand hygiene.

“Washing your hands is an important precaution, and using soap and water has been shown to be more effective than using hand sanitizer,” said Chase Brexton Interim Chief Medical Officer Sebastian Ruhs, who is the director of the Infectious Diseases Center of Excellence, in an email to the Washington Blade on Monday. “If a sink is unavailable, hand sanitizer is a good alternative.”

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