Sept. 21 - Our Easton Center is temporarily closed; all Easton patients with appointments will be contacted by our staff to reschedule them.


Don't lose your health care benefits - Medicaid recipients need to re-establish their eligibility to continue receiving benefits. For more information, contact our Social Work and Outreach Department or Maryland Health Connection.

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Appointment Confirmation Policy

Because everyone's time matters, we are working to reduce wait times.

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Making, confirming, and keeping appointments is important. It allows us to make sure we have time for every patient. It also allows us to stay on time for all of our patients.

Prior to your appointment, you will receive a call, text, and a reminder via the Patient Portal to confirm your appointment. 

Please confirm with us at least one day before your appointment: 410-837-2050

Confirming with us will give you priority. Patients who confirm, will be seen first.


We cannot guarantee you will be seen on time. You will still be seen. But you may have to wait longer and may have to see a different provider during the visit.


We will do our best to see patients who are late to their appointments. You may have to wait and may be seen by another provider for that visit. Or, we may have to reschedule your appointment for another day.


​Patients who miss 3 or more medical appointments in 6 months will be asked to get care by making an appointment with a nurse.

During a nurse appointment, the nurse will assess the patient and, if needed, will have the patient seen by a provider either that day or the next day.

Patients who keep 2 nurse appointments in a row will be allowed to schedule appointments with their regular medical provider again.