Steps For Healthy Swimming

Pool chemicals don't work right away and may have limited disinfectant-power. You can easily protect yourself, your family and your friends from germs in the water. Here are some important tips to stay healthy at the pool!

Remember, when you use a public pool, you share the same water and germs with everyone!

1 If you are feeling sick or have diarrhea,
stay out of the water.

2 Make sure you shower and are clean before you get in the water.

3 The pool isn't a communal bathroom;
don't use it as one.

4 Try not to drink to swallow the water.

Clear the pool every hour; everyone has to get out!

  • Make sure you have waterproof sunscreen; if you don't, reapply.
  • Take your kids to the bathroom! (They won't have a reason to use the pool)
  • ​Stay hydrated and drink water.
  • Keep germs away from the pool. If you're changing diapers, do it in the bathroom or changing area.

    Source: CDC