Covery Foundation Grant Supports Chase Brexton Patient Navigation for Expecting Mothers

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Thanks to a $62,000 grant from the Covery’s Community Healthcare Foundation, Chase Brexton recently implemented Patient Navigation services for 300 low-income women of childbearing age across Baltimore.

This project began in July and ran through late August. With the Covery’s support, a Patient Navigator joined Chase Brexton’s Population Health Program in August. Chase Brexton’s patient navigation services for the target population begin long before delivery, and continue post labor and delivery, in an effort to promote access and linkage to care, including linkage to newborn pediatric care.

The Patient Navigator sent letters and made calls to patients among the population, until linkage to care was confirmed, or until multiple unsuccessful attempts were made. As of August 25, 300 members of the target population gave birth between July and September, resulting in 300 live births. The Patient Navigator reached out to all of these women, and provided each one with a referral for postpartum services.

Among these women, the Patient Navigator successfully linked 188 of them to at least one postpartum visit, representing 62 percent of Chase Brexton’s OB patients who gave birth during the project period. Lastly, the Patient Navigator linked approximately 96 newborns to pediatric care at Chase Brexton Health Care.

We deeply appreciate the Covery’s support of health care to expecting mothers and newborns during this critical time in both of their lives. Thank you!