Medication Support Team Honored as Baltimore Sun "Heroes of the Week"

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Ebony Beckles and Heidi Whiting from our Medication Support Team were recently honored by the Baltimore Sun as "Heroes of the Week" for their extraordinary efforts to help Chase Brexton patients adhere to their medication plans and treatment regimen.

From the Baltimore Sun's story:

"It already was difficult to get their HIV-positive patients to adhere to their medication regimen, but COVID-19 has made the work of Beckles and Whiting that much more difficult.

Most of their clients are following stay-at-home precautions, said Beckles, a registered nurse who has been working with the 16-year-old program for the past three years.

As a result, that means Beckles and Whiting have to be more aggressive to maintain communication with their patients. They work with mail-order pharmacists and send larger amounts of medications to their patients, so they don’t have the leave the house as often. In some cases they have to contact family members of patients in order to check on them — they even send letters to patients and their family members to remind them of appointments and other important dates."

Read the full story here.