Chase Brexton Expanding Psychiatry Department

Published: 02/18/2019

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Dr. Sharon Bisco to Lead Psychiatry Team at All Chase Brexton Centers

It is with pleasure and excitement that we announce that Dr. Sharon Bisco will be joining Chase Brexton Health Care as the Director of Psychiatry on April 15, 2019.

Dr. Bisco is a graduate of Yale University and the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv. She completed her psychiatry residency at the University of Maryland and became board certified in 1994. Dr. Bisco has thirty years of clinical experience in academic and community-based clinics and private practice.

Dr. Bisco will be part of the leadership structure of our Behavioral Health department, collaborating with Jose Simmons and Lisa Pearson. She will be based at the Mount Vernon Center, managing the psychiatric prescribers at all of our sites, and will report to the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Adrian Long.

We are grateful for the service and commitment of our two psychiatric nurse practitioners, Eunice Woodus and Deborah Price. We also recently welcomed Dr. Sarah Schaffer as a staff psychiatrist at our Mt. Vernon Center. Additionally, we are happy to say we are recruiting and will be hiring two additional psychiatric nurse practitioners so that each Baltimore-area center will have a full-time psychiatric provider. We believe this will complement and strengthen the services our Behavioral Health department offers and allow us to more ably serve our patients, our communities, and grow our programs.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Bisco to Chase Brexton.