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New Parent Resources

Babies need a lot - and so do their families. Here are some resources for you and yours to get all that you need to make your home and your baby safe, healthy, and happy.

Some Maryland counties/cities have more to offer, some have less. You can always call 2-1-1 to find more resources if you don't see them listed here.


Chase Brexton partners with University of Maryland Medical Center to provide care to our pregnant patients. Take advantage of their free Stork's Nest program to help you have a healthy pregnancy and get ready for your new baby.

The Stork's Nest program is designed to empower you to be healthy and give you the tools you need when you have your baby! The program includes:

  • Incentives for attending prenatal health care visits
  • Free prenatal classes to educate women about having a healthy pregnancy and birth experience, along with teaching the basics of infant care and breastfeeding
  • Support from experienced health educators and trained nurses
  • Assistance for getting free baby items
  • Information and referrals to community resources

Learn more here or sign up to start here.

Relaxation Techniques & Tips



Positions for Comfort

*Note: These resources are not created by Chase Brexton Health Care. They do not replace therapy or medical advice from an actual certified provider or any Chase Brexton Health Care provider. Choose what to and what not to listen to, read, and engage in based on your own judgments.  

Once you are in labor, you will need to get to the hospital. Pack your bag around your 36th week so you're ready when your baby is! Here's a list of things some mom's find useful to pack. Click on the image to download and print out a copy!

obstetrics gynecology medical care women health chase brexton health care


baby, ob, baltimore, maryland, health care, car seat Maryland Kids in Safety Seats (KISS) rents safety seats at a low cost to families, offers literature and materials to educate the public on the state’s child passenger safety law, provides training and technical assistance in child passenger safety. Call 1-800-370-7328 to learn more.

Have a car seat but not sure about how to use it? Watch the KISS virtual training here

For more information, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Maryland Family Network's LOCATE: Child Care program helps families to find the right child care for their needs. Visit their website or call 1-877-261-0060 to begin the process. obstetrics gynecology medical care women health chase brexton health care

obstetrics gynecology medical care women health chase brexton health care One part of the safe sleep program for your baby means having a crib, basinet, or portable crib with a firm mattress or pad that is already covered or only covered with a fitted sheet. No blankets, pillows, teddy bears, or anything else is needed for your baby. Learn more about safe sleep here.  

Baltimore City works with Cribs for Kids to offer residents who are live on a very low-income a free crib program. To apply, call: 410-649-0526.

In Howard County, the Department of Health also works with Cribs for Kids to offer low income residents cribs. Unlike the Baltimore program, you will need a referral from Chase Brexton to participate. Simply ask your provider or a member of our social work team to help you. Visit the Howard County Department of Health to learn more. 

For those outside of Baltimore City and Howard County, the Cribs for Kids program offers a lower cost, portable, and convertable alternative that you can purchase for a discounted price. Purchase your Cribs for Kids 'cribette' here

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program  is designed to ensure pregnant women, new mothers, infants, and children under age five have healthy supplemental foods. To learn more or to apply, call 1-800-242-4942. obstetrics gynecology medical care women health chase brexton health care

Breastfeeding? Check out WIC’s Breastfeeding Support website for helpful video guides!

obstetrics gynecology medical care women health chase brexton health care Parenting is not an easy job, but it's worth it. Get help from the Maryland Family Network. They provide assistance with parenting skills, job readiness, ABE/GED classes, and computer skills to parents with children up to 3. Learn more by visiting Maryland Family Network.

24/7 HELP: If you are feeling overwhelmed, The Family Tree will provide free and confidential support. Call them: 1-800-243-7337


Most areas don't offer free carbon monoxide detectors, but if you are a Baltimore County resident, you can request a free carbon monoxide detector by filling out this online form.

Carbon monoxide detectors are fairly inexpensive and worth the cost. You can find them at any harware store or online.

In Anne Arundel County, the Fire Department, through a partnership with the Anne Arundel Fire Safety Foundation, can provide assistance to any resident that cannot afford to purchase a fire alarm or needs help installing one.

If you have questions about smoke alarms or need alarms and can't afford please contact your closest fire station for assistance.

Baltimore City residents should call the Baltimore Fire Department’s Smoke Detector Hotline at 410-396-7283 or call Baltimore City 311 to request free smoke alarms for your home. They will also install them for you.

In Baltimore County, you can request a free smoke detector and/or a carbon monoxide detector by filling out this online form.

To request a free smoke detector in Howard County, fill out this online form.