Multi-Generational Care

The Jefferson Family's Story

multi-generational health care jeffersons chase brexton health care Chase Brexton is uniquely positioned to help all generations of the families in our communities.  In fact, we believe bringing the generations of a family to receive the our high-quality care simplifies a family’s life and allows us to improve the lives of the whole family.

Chase Brexton providers often note that, when children visit for an appointment, often their parents have a small health concern and will ask who they themselves can see. Fortunately, Chase Brexton offers care across all generations.

Take the Jefferson family as an example. Ask Antonio Jefferson, III, 25, who’s been coming to Chase Brexton since he was 6 years old, what he thinks of Chase Brexton:

“It’s a clinic, and usually clinics don’t take everyone, they don’t do everything, they stay in one bracket.  I think it’s great [that we can get everything] at Chase Brexton.”

Antonio’s basically grown up with Chase Brexton, coming to the Mt. Vernon Center since it was on the corner of Cathedral and Eager Streets. He points out, “I’ve become more comfortable. I know the staff, the staff is very cool; they’re friendly. It’s not like that in a lot of other places.”

And Chase Brexton’s not like other places.

Antonio’s mom, Deborah Jefferson, points out that Chase Brexton goes above and beyond to provide personalized care to her. “I needed a good doctor,” Deborah recalls, “I have blood pressure problems.” At Chase Brexton, she found Annie Lee, MSN/MPH, CRNP, Family Nurse Practitioner, and “She’s helped me out tremendously. She calls me, checks in, makes sure I’m taking my medication. She’s looking out for me.”

It’s this kind of personalized attention that many of our patients haven’t experienced before. Because xxx% of our patients are either on Medicaid or Medicare and 10% are uninsured, many are used to being turned down for care.

Many patients find themselves choosing the hospital over a health center, simply for fear of being turned down for care. But as Antonio notes, “You feel comfortable with your doctor… I feel more comfortable with a doctor that knows me, rather than going to another hospital.”

Because when a provider team knows you, no matter what happens next, we’re here for you.

Like when Deborah needed more than medical care, she trusted her provider to help.

“I’ve been depressed since my husband passed away,” Deborah confesses. “She [Annie Lee] always talked to me and gets me on the right track. She got me seeing a Chase Brexton therapist. I didn’t want to go, but I figured I had nothing to lose. And it’s been a big help. She’s really helped me out.”

A little more than a year ago, Antonio became a dad, welcoming baby girl Symphony Jefferson to his family. And today three generations of Jefferson’s are a part of the Chase Brexton Health Care family.

Antonio points out that Symphony’s mom Shakira at first took Symphony to another facility. “But the doctor wasn’t there most of the time. So, Chase Brexton: it’s easy, it’s downtown, so why not?”

Bringing health to a community starts with bringing health to every person. When we can provide care across the generations, care that improves the lives of every person and every family, we have truly succeeded as an organization.

With your help, we can continue to provide care to patients of all insurance and financial status’ and achieve our mission of inspiring wellness, honoring diversity, and improving our communities on person – or one family – at a time.