Spreading Hope

Mark's Story

Mark Sam comes from a long line of health care professionals. His uncle, a pharmacist, worked three jobs to put four kids though school. His mother was one of the first nurses in the state of California to treat patients with HIV. When other nurses refused to have any physical contact with these patients, Mark’s mother took it upon herself to make sure they received the care they needed, even when that meant making house calls in her spare time.

“Her dedication to providing those that cannot always provide for themselves, or that do not have access to the commercial health care system, drew me to Chase Brexton and all of the great work you do for the community,” Mark said.

It was this belief in caring for those who need it most that inspired Mark to become the first person to enroll in Chase Brexton’s newest fundraising initiative, Hope Lives Here. This program allows donors to make recurring annual donations to help Chase Brexton continue to serve Maryland’s most vulnerable populations.

Hope Lives Here is open to all in the community, including individuals, families, small businesses, and corporate partners. Participation in this program will ensure thousands of children receive their vaccinations, patients in need are seen by doctors, and more.

Mark’s contributions to Chase Brexton make him an essential part of services we provide to the community, and helps further our mission: to provide compassionate, quality health care that honors diversity, inspires wellness, and improves our communities.

“While what I give is a small contribution to what is needed, I hope that my regular commitment provides that one vaccination, or the aspirins, or this month’s gloves for the providers.”