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We Are Chase Brexton

It takes a passionately dedicated team to provide high-quality community health care. #WeAreChaseBrexton

Patients, staff, donors, and supporters are each a part of the Chase Brexton Health Care team.

Together, #WeAreChaseBrexton.



Why are we here? Our first reason is our patients. But everyone has more to share. And these are a few of the reasons our more than 350 staff are proud of the work they do and have chosen to work with Chase Brexton.

Donor Spotlight: Tahira Pemberton
Patient Navigator, Chase Brexton Randallstown

When Tahira Pemberton began working as a front desk manager at Chase Brexton Health Care’s  Randallstown Center in 2005, she felt an immediate connection to her new organization. “I was just finding myself, having recently come out to my family,” she recalls. “When I came to work here, I felt like I could be myself with absolutely no judgement.”

Over the years, Tahira has held multiple positions and has been a part of three different Randallstown Center relocations, but she’s discovered that one thing has remained constant: the Chase Brexton mission. “Taking care of the patients who need us the most has always been Chase Brexton’s number one priority,” she says. “That’s part of the reason why I have stayed here so long, and the reason why I couldn’t imagine a better place to work.”

It’s also the reason why she made a generous $500 gift to our 2016 Employee Giving Campaign. This year, the average employee gift was $118.12—an astounding $25 more than the previous year’s average. For many of our 400 employees, giving allows them to show their personal support to the communities that they professionally—and passionately—serve.

And for Tahira, the gift is truly personal. “I give because I was in their shoes,” she says.

Did you know? The gift of just $5 provides patients with transportation to their medical appointments. Every donation makes a difference. Join Tahira and give today.

Simmone deBeaubien, Population Health Nurse Manager

I came to Chase Brexton because I wanted to contribute to an organization that is an established leader in the LGBTQ community in Baltimore. I've stayed with Chase Brexton because this organization has encouraged \me to be a part of amazing educational opportunities which have enabled me to pass that knowledge along to others, including my coworkers, my patients, my friends, and my community. Chase Brexton aims to empower our patients to be themselves. I think we also empower our staff to be true to themselves as well. Chase Brexton wants me to be me even when I’m at work.

Kyle Easton, Revenue Cycle Director

My position is Revenue Cycle Director and it involves many different processes and teams in the organization. From ensuring we have the correct information for the patients when they check in for their appointments, to making sure all of the coding is correct when claims are sent to the insurer, providers, patient service representatives, and Finance staff all have an impact. Being able to be a part of an organization like Chase Brexton who is able to help people who may not otherwise have access to healthcare was a really big draw for me. There is a bunch of great work happening here to ensure the well-being of our patients!

Alicia Gabriel, Marketing Manager

I never thought I’d be able to use my random design and writing skills for anything, much less for so many things I believe in - LGBT care and equality, health care provided by care teams who believe in empowering individuals, creating a safe space for us to be ourselves, bringing compassionate health care to ALL our communities - especially those who are so often left behind, neglected, shamed, or simply unaware of what supports they can access. Throughout my time here, I've been so accepted, so included in the work, so able to be my quirky, slightly goofy self. I get to work with some of the most brilliant, creative, and dedicated people I've known. I've never been made to feel 'lesser'; I always feel valued. And I've always felt a sense of shared commitment to the mission, to the patients, to making our communities stronger. My confidence is greater. My compassion is deeper. And my commitment to my community is stronger.

Tiana Matthews-Martinez MS, RD, LDN, Nutritionist

I’ve always enjoyed working in a community health setting! To be part of an organization that is passionate about patient care, customer service, and celebrating diversity is a great feeling. The legacy that the organization has serving the Baltimore community is worthy of preservation and deserves to be pushed forward. I also saw an opportunity to bring nutrition back to the forefront of patient care. It has been a couple of years since a dietitian worked on staff and many of the patients need nutrition therapy to help manage their weight, blood glucose, blood pressure, and kidney function in a normal range. Having liberty to develop nutrition programs and collaborate with other departments to increase access to nutrition information for patients is a great opportunity.

Tahira Pemberton, Patient Navigator

I have been working at Chase Brexton since 2005. When I started here, I immediately felt like part of the team. My co-workers made me feel welcome and it felt like a family. I was just finding myself, having recently came out to my family. When I came to work here I felt like I could be myself with absolutely no judgement. I have had five different positions, and been a part of relocating Randallstown Center to three different locations. Even with all the changes, the one thing that was always constant was the mission. Taking care of the patients who need us the most has always been Chase Brexton’s number one priority. That’s part of the reason why I have stayed here so long, and the reason why I couldn’t imagine a better place to work.

Antonio Robinson, Dental Assistant

I love working here at Chase Brexton because of the satisfaction I get when we are helping our patients, and serving the community with all their dental needs. The way they smile after receiving dental treatment provides a sense of accomplishment for me. I also enjoy working with my staff, providers, residents and our dental director. It is truly an honor working here and seeing all the Chase Brexton family on a daily basis.

Kyle Thompson, Payroll Administrator/AP Accountant

With most staff, they get direct interaction with our patients and the core of why Chase Brexton is Chase Brexton (which in itself is pretty awesome). I get the pleasure each and everyday to interact with that staff and make sure their payroll needs are taken care of so they can get back to focusing on their real job. I know we all stress about money and making sure we can pay our bills so if I can make that load just a little lighter then I feel complete.

Carlos Tolentino, Eligibility Specialist

My job is to speak with and help the patients who come through our doors, to make them feel comfortable and to show them we care. There have been turbulent times at Chase Brexton, but everything I have, I owe to this job. This busy…wonderful…stressful at times…amazing job. Because here at Chase Brexton I believe we work for our patients, and I have met people here who have an amazing passion to help others. That’s why I love working at Chase Brexton.

Andy Zipay, Case Manager

I love working at Chase Brexton because of the lack of red tape when providing financial assistance to our clients. Most other organizations take over a month before a client might receive the check they desperately need for eviction prevention or energy assistance. When I submit a financial assistance request for a client through Chase Brexton, I usually get the check within three days! This quick check-cutting has been a blessing in keeping clients housed and keeping their power on.

Dwight Walker, Corporate Recruiter

I love working for Chase Brexton Health Care because of the camaraderie I feel amongst my colleagues. The leaders within the organization have created an environment of LOVE and I feel at home. My CEO greets me by name every single day and my direct superiors are always welcoming. I am proud to be a part of this organization.

Tonya Hawkins, Dental Assistant

I’ve been working in the healthcare field as a Dental Assistant for over 8 years. During my time with Chase Brexton, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most pleasant patients. I enjoy what I do and love providing quality care to our patients.

Mike Willis, Peer Advocate

I work here because almost everybody who is HIV+ should be on HIV meds and many need help, whether a little or a lot, to make that happen.

Tonya Williamson, Project Coordinator

It’s easy to say patient care is important, but an entirely different thing to be committed and vested to the well-being of the entire spectrum of care a patient may need (health, home, financial, employment, or any other barriers). This makes me proud to say I work at Chase Brexton. As an employee, I have never felt more valued. My ideas and suggestions are welcomed, encouraged and appreciated. I always feel like we work outside of titles and rely on experience and expertise. If I’m more knowledgeable about any particular subject, my voice is heard. It’s such rewarding work. When I’m out doing outreach or working at community events, I love the excitement when folks hear about all we have to offer. I say absolutely I have finally found my forever job! A place I love to come to every day and feel like I didn’t waste 8 hours of my life.

Brooks Woodward, Dental Director

I’m fortunate in many ways. I love my chosen profession. I am in my 25th year of practicing dentistry and I truly believe that one of the main reasons I love my profession so much is that I am able to practice this profession at Chase Brexton. The rewards, both personal and professional, that are received from working here far outweigh any professional challenges in the field of dentistry. We see so many people in pain, in distress, whose mouths are so neglected and who have simply given up on the idea of ever having even basic functional teeth. These people can be so appreciative and grateful that they often breakdown and cry when they learn that we can help. I’ve had thousands of thank yous and thousands of hugs from patients who feel that we have just made life so much better for them. I thank the stars every day that I am able to work in a place where I have the opportunity to make this kind of impact on someone.