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The Diabetes Management Program: Our Mission in Action

The Diabetes Management Program at Chase Brexton is transformative for our patients.

In 2021, the Diabetes Management Program at Chase Brexton was developed to provide patients living with diabetes personalized, high quality healthcare, self-care strategies, and disease management skills necessary to improve their health and quality of life. In just three years, this program has grown to serve hundreds of patients across our Mount Vernon, Columbia, and Glen Burnie Centers. To learn more about diabetes visit:

 View the patient testimonials below and hear from our incredible team to see the impact in action. 

Mount Vernon Patient, Andr'a S.

"I love the diabetes program and it's been very, very, helpful. I probably wouldn't be as successful in this if it wasn't for the program"
Andr'a's Story

Mount Vernon Patient, Melvin H.

"The program is very straight forward. We focus on the targets and goals, and I’m happy to say I’ve been hitting all my targets!"
Melvin's Story

Mount Vernon Patient, Julius S.

"It keeps you constant on your illness, you know what I'm saying. Trying to eat right and do the right thing."
Julius' Story

GBC Patient, Denard F.

"At the beginning I thought it was going to be hard cutting out a lot of my favorite foods and snacks, but it's a good, nice, journey."
Denard's Story

What is Diabetes?

Chase Brexton Health Care's Dr. Sarah Connor, DO, shares risk factors, symptoms, and treatment for diabetes.
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Meet the Provider Team!

Featured CBHC Diabetes providers: Briana Murray, Mahro Ershadi, Sarah Connor, Sara Munie, and Dustin Dang.
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The Diabetes Management Program was featured in the Fall 2023 Hope Lives Here Newsletter! Read here: