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What's in Season in November?... Collards!

(11/16/2023) What's in Season in November?... Collards! 

Brought to you from the Chase Brexton Health Care nutrition team!

Chase Brexton to Launch STI Clinic at Mt. Vernon Center With CDC Grant Support

(11/15/23) Chase Brexton Health Care will launch a new clinic focused on the diagnosis and treatment of sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) in Baltimore City thanks to a grant award from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Glen Burnie Staff Training News!

(10/31/23) This June, over 30 Glen Burnie team members participated in the Burnout Breakthrough: Reclaiming Your Energy training, facilitated by Shelly Henriquez-Neill from CenteredLead, LLC.

Happy Halloween from The Institute for EDI

(10/29/23) Learn more about The Institute for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion at Chase Brexton here: The Institute for EDI | Chase Brexton Health Care

Racist Origins of Idiom, “Spooky/Spooked”

Healthy Halloween Fun!

(10/28/23) How can we stay healthy while enjoying Halloween fun? 

The “I” In LGBTQIA: Intersex Awareness Day

(10/26/23) October 26th, 2023 marks a special 20-year milestone for Intersex Awareness Day. First started in 2003 by Emi Koyama and Betsy Driver, the original intent of Intersex Awareness Day was to introduce the movement to a greater audience.

Inclusion and Visibility: The Asexual and Aromantic Community

(10/23/23) It's Asexuality Awareness Week! 

When consuming media, romantic and/or sexual attraction are everywhere. 

What's In Season in October?... Pumpkin!

(10/15/2023) What's in Season in October?... Pumpkin!

Brought to you from the Chase Brexton Health Care nutrition team! 

Join Us at Local Pride Festivals this October!

(9/28/23) Join The Center for LGBTQ Health Equity of Chase Brexton Health Care at two Pride Festivals this October 2023!